jp-richard-cA word from the Founder of H-E Parts International: “Why H-E Parts?”

As the former CEO of several major OEM’s, I understand intimately the importance of price, quality and responsiveness to large ‘off-highway’ equipment users. With mining equipment, the stakes could not be higher. This equipment is among the most expensive, as is the cost of downtime when it means loss of mining production.

The Background

While I have always had a great deal of respect for the dominant mining equipment OEM’s, such as Caterpillar and Komatsu, over my career I became intrigued by the long-term hold these suppliers have maintained over the miners, especially when it comes to satisfying the aftermarket parts and service needs driven by mining production demands. This dominant market share inevitably has led to high price and dealer complacency since the customers lacked a credible independent alternative with a diverse product and service portfolio. Historically, in most parts of the mining world, OEM aftermarket “competitors” have been small and mostly family-owned, locally focused and limited in the kinds of parts and services they are able to provide. Due to those limitations, they could not be considered by the mining companies as truly credible alternatives to the OEM’s. H-E Parts was founded to address these problems.

The Idea

The concept, from the start of H-E Parts International in 2006, was to acquire and integrate under a common umbrella the best of the small/private companies with the best technologies to satisfy the miners’ truck, shovel and crusher aftermarket needs on a global basis. Our goal is not only to offer our customers better prices and responsiveness than the OEM’s but also, better quality and engineered solutions to their equipment problems.

The Results

H-E Parts International has become the leading independent supplier of aftermarket parts and services to miners for the following reasons:

  • Price: We access the same worldwide parts suppliers as the OEM’s and have our own parts manufacturing/components remanufacturing facilities. Our operating expenses and overhead are only a small fraction of the OEMs, so we can offer significantly lower prices.
  • Quality: Our aftermarket parts and component quality equals or exceeds OEM quality. No OEM can claim to provide consistently longer life than our Birrana™ wheel group units or B&G™ engines or CME® crushing liners. H-E Parts International remanufactures and supplies the highest quality and we have the data and references to prove it.
  • Responsiveness: H-E Parts is an entrepreneurial, growth-oriented company that is agile and can make decisions rapidly, made up of small and nimble businesses which have been successfully serving their mining customers directly for decades. This close proximity to the customers as well as H-E Parts’s freedom from alignment with a single brand of equipment makes us unique. As the former CEO of large OEM’s I know all too well the inherent limitations of the much larger and more bureaucratic OEM’s; especially when it comes to their responsiveness in satisfying the miners’ critical aftermarket needs.
    Going Forward

Recent acquisitions have greatly increased our scope of product offerings as well as our geographical reach in the Americas and Australasia. Today we offer miners a wide range of superior solutions at a lower price than the OEM’s, for a broad array of their aftermarket and maintenance requirements, but there is still more for us to do. Making it possible for miners to have very attractive and credible choices outside of the OEM’s, and not simply be at their mercy, is the foundation of our vision and mission.

J-P Richard

Founder and Director

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