CME is able to provide tailored, specialised in-house engineering, drafting and project management services to the mining, quarrying and aggregates industries globally. With vast project experience in Australia, South East Asia, Africa and the Middle East, CME is positioned to provide engineering solutions to service all types of fixed or mobile materials processing plants, materials handling and associated equipment.

With this extensive experience throughout the rugged Australian mining and quarrying industries, CME offers international clients the opportunity to benefit from this knowledge. CME’s dedicated engineering and drafting team play a pivotal role in providing value to the client, as expertise extends from industry professionals, to mechanical engineers, to QA/QC specialists.


CME’s wear management solutions were created in response to inefficient, unproductive materials processing practices. Because CME is not limited to a single wear material type, our engineers are able to evaluate individual applications and select the best combination of materials for a given area and perform financial modeling to ensure that the most cost-effective solution is obtained.

CME offers an impressive range of wear products that include; a full range of Linersafe® manganese crusher liners, weld overlay and Q&T wear plate, bars, blocks and steel, rubber and polyurethane grinding mill liners and ceramic wear blocks. This allows CME to recommend and supply the most beneficial solution for any given client problem that will extend mean time to repair, improve reliability and reduce cost.

Through a combination of in-service monitoring and post-removal analysis, CME has developed tools and processes to map wear patterns to ensure that liner performance can be continuously improved over time and altered when conditions change. When these tools are combined with the extensive range of wear products currently offered by CME, the choice is obvious.


    CME’s liner development programme goes above and beyond the normal industry practice of merely trialling a given set of liners, and instead uses all available information to provide a customised solution that will normally achieve targets on the first run, and provide added value for any given operation.

    Once the initial designs have been validated, CME applies site-specific demand management procedures to assist customers in determining the most cost-effective liner management policy. A tailored approach allows CME to ensure that liner management policies are compatible with other maintenance requirements, whether that is isolated to a single crusher or the processing plant as a whole.


    CME’s CrusherVision® software is used in conjunction with their ChamberVision® software to develop modified crushing cavities to satisfy specific customer targets. Depending on customer requirements, liner profiles can be changed to improve wear life, reduce power draw or increase tonnage. CME also has expertise with and utilises Aggflo; a plant simulation and flow analysis package used to optimise complete crushing circuits.

    ChamberVision® is CME’s proprietary wear modelling software, and has been proven over many years to accurately predict wear performance in cone and gyratory crushers. More recently, CME has extended this capability to jaw crusher liners, providing a complete range of wear monitoring services.

    CrusherVision® simulation software allows CME’s engineers to tailor designs to individual customer requirements, such as:

    • Optimised tonnage rate
    • Optimised crushed product size
    • Decreased power draw
    • Improved power utilisation
    • Decreased recirculating load
    • Extended and consistent Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)
    • Improved uptime
    • Lowest overall cost of ownership

    CrusherVision® advanced crusher model simulation software also provides predictions of:

    • Throughput
    • Power draw
    • Prediction of crushed product distribution
    • Scenario testing to estimate the effects of changing machine parameters such as speed and eccentric throw
    • Design-stage analysis tools to prevent issues such as chamber packing

    ChamberVision® allows CME to verify the expected performance of liner designs within hours, whereas conventional testing methods may take years to complete. By combining the capabilities of ChamberVision® and CrusherVision® liner performance can be predicted at all stages of the liner life, minimising risk and allowing for accurate benchmarking figures to be set with a high degree of certainty.

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